November advocacy update

UWOFA has been working on…

New process for addressing increased teaching workloads

All UWOFA faculty members can apply for additional compensation to address increased teaching workloads experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. UWOFA members with a limited-duties appointment can apply for extra pay; limited term, probationary, and tenured members can request a workload review and receive an alternative workload or course release. Please click here for more information.

New Faculty Times

The latest issue of Faculty Times is available here. The fall edition includes articles and briefs about:

  • New Indigenous Faculty Members Letter of Understanding
  • Building a stronger, more engaged Faculty Association
  • Equity champion profile
  • Faculty opposition to Navitas Ltd.


Teaching Scholar Positions

The 2018-2022 Faculty Collective Agreement created a new appointment type called the Teaching Scholar, involving teaching, service and scholarship components to workload. Contract faculty members interested in becoming a teaching scholar are encouraged to reach out to their chair or director as soon as possible (the employer must fill 12 teaching scholar positions from among the UWOFA membership before the current Collective Agreement expires in 2022 and we expect most positions will be created in the current budget planning cycle). Teaching scholars cannot be granted tenure, but they can be granted continuing status which confers some rights of permanency. Learn more about the new Teaching Scholar appointment here.

No Annual Performance Evaluation this academic year

Faculty members are reminded that the Annual Performance Evaluation process will not take place this academic year. Members do not have to submit an Annual Report. Click here to read the new APE Letter of Understanding.

Upcoming Member Meeting

The next UWOFA meeting of members will be held virtually on Tuesday, November 24 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Read the agenda here.