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Below are more letters of support UWOFA has received for our librarians & archivists


Letter from Melissa Adler

 Northern Ontario School of Medicine Faculty & Staff Association


McMaster University Academic Librarians' Association 



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I am writing in support of UWO’s librarians and archivists, who deserve bargaining in good faith. Academic librarians and archivists form a crucial part of a University – they provide skills that support access and discoverability of information and knowledge, provide subject specific support, develop and deliver crucial academic research supports like research data management, and participate in instruction and research in their own areas of academic specialization.

Their roles are not always understood by senior admin until it is too late, but striking at libraries is striking at the heart of a University – it is where the roles of teaching, research, and learning all intersect, under the expert guidance of dedicated academics. Libraries are, also, routinely loved by both students and instructors alike.

The principles that the UWO librarians and archivists are fighting for – a fair workload, recognition of their professional autonomy and collegial governance, and fair compensation and benefits – are a crucial bedrock for them to do their jobs.

I urge you to demonstrate you value the work – academic, service oriented, and administrative – of your librarians and archivists by negotiating a fair collective agreement.


Brianne Selman
Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian
University of Winnipeg Library

* * * 

Dear President Shepard,

Dickens names as humanity’s worst enemies Ignorance and Want. He might well have called their parents Austerity and Efficiency, idols who preside over Western’s administration. Austerity is a pose that the few use to enrich themselves at the expense of the many. That is why the university sits on hundreds of millions of dollars that it could use to educate its students. That is why your salary and benefits come to more than fifty times that of the lowest-paid worker. That is why the administration is trying to squeeze every last penny out of the Librarians and Archivists. And blaming the Ford government won’t work, because the administration behaved this way before. It is hiding behind the Ford government to extract as much as it can from people with knowledge and experience.

The administration, in acting as profiteer rather than servant, is not just cruel; it is incompetent. Treating human beings as things is no way to run a corporation, much less a university. Its policies of austerity will increasingly deny access to higher education, thus furthering a hostility toward learning that liberal societies cannot survive.

Edmund Goehring

* * * 

Dear John,

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our librarian and archivist colleagues! Roxanne Isard, copied above, has been tremendously helpful to ALL of my graduate students over the last few years, as well as those in my graduate course; I encourage all of them to meet with her to ensure: their data base searching skills are up-to-date, they are conducting the ‘right’ type of review when publishing review articles; and that they haven’t missed any articles in their reviews. Their reflection of her valuable help has been consistent. Roxanne also was a superb member of my course redesign team a couple of years ago. I was part of the SCORE re-design program and Roxanne provided excellent contributions that helped us to create a meaningful “blended” course that would resonate for my class of 350+. We simply cannot function properly as researchers or teachers without our librarian and archivist colleagues.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Irwin

* * *