Members honoured for dedicated service to UWOFA

Christy Sich, Marianne Larsen, and Sam Trosow were presented with CAUT Dedicated Service Awards at a meeting of members held on March 30.

Christy Sich

Christy Sich served as co-chair of the Strike Action Committee for Librarians and Archivists in 2019. The unit came extremely close to striking: without Sich the preparations for the almost-strike would not have been successful. In her role as co-chair of the Strike Action Committee she also served as a member on several subcommittees, and helped to negotiate a new Labour Disruption Protocol that made important gains over the previous agreement.


Marianne Larsen

Marianne Larsen was instrumental in mobilizing UWOFA’s members against an agreement that would outsource international education to the private, for-profit pathway provider Navitas. As an expert in the education of international students, Larsen compiled research that showed clearly how the proposed deal would undermine many of UWOFA’s core values. She shared her expertise at five Faculty Councils, leading all five to robust rejection of the deal. Other important service includes four years on UWOFA’s Board of Directors plus another six months as official observer on the Board; and service and training as Picket Captain in preparation for the narrowly averted strike in 2018.

Sam Trosow

Sam Trosow has been an active member of UWOFA since 2002. He served for four years on the Board of Directors and for an additional year on the Executive as Secretary. He also served for years as UWOFA’s Privacy Officer, on the Grievance Committee, on the Policy and Governance Committee, the 2018 Faculty Strike Action Committee, and a time on the Librarians and Archivists Negotiating Committee. Trosow served on the Joint Committee, on the Implications of Technology and continues to advise on copyright and fair-use dealing, and freedom of expression. Through his work for UWOFA, Western’s Senate and the Board of Governors he has been a strong voice for transparent, inclusive and collegial self-governance.