In Memoriam: Vicki Olds

Conan Masterson & Jane Laforge

No one could edit a document with more ease, precision and humour than Vicki Olds. She began her service to UWOFA in 2004 as a member of the Board of Directors. Throughout the years she continued to serve UWOFA as a member of the Committee for Contract Faculty, Pensions and Benefits Committee and Salary Committee.

For those lucky enough to serve with Vicki it was evident that one of her favourite roles was as a member of the Policy and Governance Committee, on which she served from 2008 until her untimely death. It was amazing to watch Vicki look at a sentence, ponder its meaning and suggest, with the most calm and reassuring voice, that “it’s not saying what it should”.

Most recently Vicki served as UWOFA’s Secretary. One of her responsibilities was reviewing minutes of UWOFA’s official meetings. Her edits always included hilarious explanations of why she altered the wording and most often an alternative option if the first suggestion wasn’t suitable. Vicki had a knack for pointing out errors with a sense of camaraderie.

In 2017 Vicki received the CAUT Dedicated Service Award for her exceptional service to UWOFA.

Vicki was a smart, kind and caring person who selflessly gave her time and knowledge to the Association.

She will be sorely missed.