Honouring Our Students

UWOFA Scholarship Event Distributes Almost $50K

Since 1971, UWOFA have celebrated students' academic accomplishments with the Faculty Association scholarship party each December.  On December 4th, 40 Western students with their friends and families joined the UWOFA Board, Past Presidents, Dr. John Doerkson, the Vice-Provost of Academic Programs, the Deans and Associate Deans of the Faculties to celebrate the 2019 Awards.

At the event, UWOFA President John Ciriello welcomed the students and noted that the scholarships were made possible through the personal contributions of all faculty members and Librarians and Archivists at Western through their membership dues. 

The initiative for these scholarships dates from 1969; at that time Prof. Don McKellar of the faculty of Music began a voluntary drive to raise monies for student scholarships, and in 1971 the first awards were made.  Nowadays, the scholarships are funded from the dues collected from all Members of the faculty, librarians & archivists Bargaining Units.  Shortly after this beginning, two named scholarships were introduced, each honouring scholars who contributed much, both to their discipline and to the Association: the Stevenson Memorial Scholarship [1973] awarded to the top student in the Faculty of Medicine and the Balderston Memorial Scholarship [1978] awarded to the top student in the Department of History. The Sarah Shorten Scholarship honours a former Chair and President of the Association and member of the Department of Philosophy who made great contributions to both entities, awarded to the top student in Department of Philosophy.  Several years ago, we added the G. Edward Ebanks Scholarship to honour a three-time former Chair and President of the Faculty Association, awarded to the top student in the Department of Sociology. In 2008 we added the Allan Heinicke Memorial Scholarship to honour a former Chair and President of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association and latterly financial, technical, and policy analyst, awarded to the top student in the Department of Mathematics. The Past President Scholarship is awarded each year to honour a student in the faculty of UWOFA's past President.

This years winners are as follows:

Gurleen Kaur Athwal Science
Evan Alexander  Bagnall Health Sciences
Aradhya Bansal Engineering
Adrian  Bardati Education
Wendy Pamela Boucher Science
Jingyu Bu Social Science
Margaret Rachel  DeCoste Arts & Humanities
Kristen Desranleau Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 
Samuel Fleisher Social Science
Justine  Gould   Health Sciences
Beth Kathryn  Hanson  Health Sciences
Charlotte Kurs Social Science
Aidan  Kwok  Health Sciences
Madeline Emma Ladouceur Science
Apollonia Mastrogiacomo Social Science
Ethan Milne  Ivey Business School
Nara Monteiro Arts & Humanities
Susan Morgan Social Science
Niall Murphy Engineering
Oluwadarasimi Temitope Ogunshote Science
Heather  Oprey Education
Aryan Paliwal Social Science
Jillian  Parker  Music
Matthew Patterson Law
Mohamad Risha Science
Amel Sassi Science
Lena  Schreyer Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 
Jia-Wei Shih Social Science
Yuehua (Sylvia)  Sun Information & Media Studies
Benjamin Wolfman Engineering
Erica  Yarmol-Matusiak  Ivey Business School
Gabrielle Patricia Taylor  Zuvic Arts & Humanities

Named Scholarship Winners were:

Anna  Branch   JAF Stevenson Memorial Scholarship UWOFA Award Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 
Denisa Caliopia  Logojan Dr. Sarah J. Shorten Scholarship Arts & Humanities
Lucas Luoma-Uhlik The W. Balderston Memorial Scholarship for History Social Science
Lauren Mar The G. Edward Ebanks Scholarship for Sociology Social Science
Christine Eagles The Allan Heinicke Memorial Scholarship Science
Alison Marie Ferguson  Past President Scholarship Health Sciences