Full-time Members over the age of 65 receive significant pension and benefits gains in recent settlement

On June 8, 2018 UWOFA filed two policy grievances on behalf of Members in both bargaining units (Faculty and Librarians and Archivists) alleging age discrimination and differential benefit entitlement treatment. After three mediation dates with arbitrator Eli Gedalof, the parties reached an agreement, resulting in a Memorandum of Settlement signed on August 26, 2021.

The settlement resulted in significant gains for full-time Members in both bargaining units commencing September 1, 2021. The settlement is not retroactive. The Collective Agreements will be updated to reflect the changes. Below is a summary of the gains.

Extended Health and Dental Benefits

For Members who continue to hold a full-time appointment, these benefits are now available from the ages of 69-71, with exception that the out-of-country emergency travel benefit will be limited to trips of duration no longer than 60 days. Formerly, Members in this age group were entitled to retiree benefits.

Health-Care/Wellness Spending Accounts

Flexible credits are now available for Members who continue to hold a full-time appointment from the ages of 69-71.

Long-Term Disability

Members between 65-71 years old who continue to hold a full-time appointment can now apply for long-term disability benefits following completion of 105 days of total disability.

Basic Life Insurance

The Basic Life Insurance Benefit has been increased from $15,000 to $50,000 from the ages of 65-71. At age 71 the life insurance benefit shall be $15,000, consistent with the Retired Group Benefit Plan.

Employer-Paid Pension Contributions (also applies to Part-Time Members)

Employer contributions to the pension plan will continue for Members aged 69-71.

A Member who continues to hold a full-time appointment past the year in which they turn 71 shall be entitled to all the benefits provided by The University of Western Ontario Retired Group Benefit Plan.

The Memorandum of Settlement is available for review here.

Please contact uwofa [at] uwo [dot] ca if there are any questions about this settlement.