February advocacy update

UWOFA calls for Chancellor’s resignation

UWOFA is calling for the resignation of Chancellor Linda Hasenfratz, saying her apology for taking a holiday trip outside Canada mid-pandemic is not good enough. Western Board Chair Rick Konrad said in a recent statement that the Chancellor has been censured by the board for taking the trip against public health advice, but stopped short of asking for her resignation, calling the Chancellor’s decision to ignore directions given to the Western community a “teaching and learning moment.”

“Calling this a ‘teaching and learning moment’ is absurd,” said UWOFA President Beth MacDougall-Shackleton, “because the only lesson being conveyed is that a gross double standard exists – if you’re wealthy, you play by different rules.”

Western no longer considering deal with Navitas Ltd.

At the January meeting of Senate, Western administration confirmed that it is no longer considering a partnership with Navitas Ltd., a private pathway college for international students. UWOFA vehemently opposed the deal, and six Faculty Councils held votes overwhelmingly against the partnership.

UWOFA supports further delay of in-person teaching

UWOFA was consulted about, and supports, the further delay of in-person classes until February 21 (after Reading Week). However, UWOFA reiterated to the administration that faculty should be informed of such decisions no later than students are.

Face masks for members

Face masks are available for UWOFA members. The three-layer masks are free of charge and feature the UWOFA logo. If you would like a mask, please contact Vanessa Frank, UWOFA’s communications officer, at vbrown5 [at] uwo [dot] ca


New process for addressing increased teaching workloads

All UWOFA faculty members are reminded that they can apply for additional compensation to address increased teaching workloads experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. UWOFA members with a limited-duties appointment can apply for extra pay; limited term, probationary, and tenured members can request a workload review and receive an alternative workload or course release. Please visit the “COVID Updates” section of the UWOFA website for more information (with hypothetical examples of increased teaching workloads, and suggested requests). If the proposed remedy is not satisfactory, members are encouraged to contact Lina Rodriguez, UWOFA’s Member Services Officer (uwofamso [at] uwo [dot] ca) for advice.

COVID Relief Fund for Contract Academic Staff

Contract academic staff members of UWOFA holding a limited-duties appointment or standing appointment (but not limited term appointments) are invited to apply for Cycle 2 of the UWOFA Covid Relief Fund. The application deadline is May 14, 2021 by 6 p.m. Visit the fund page on this website for more information and the application form.

Apply for the Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award

The deadline to apply for the Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award is Monday, February 8. All members and former members of UWOFA are eligible to receive the award. Click here for more information and the nomination form.