Employer's delay makes streamlined bargaining impossible - Vol. 5, No. 3

Your negotiating team will bargain as usual this round after the administration informed us they could not come to the table in time to reach a streamlined deal before wage restraint legislation is introduced by the provincial government. 

In anticipation of the wage control measures expected to be introduced in the legislature this week, UWOFA was willing to present a focused proposal to reach a fair compensation deal for librarians and archivists by the end of May. UWOFA made this proposal in order to reach an agreement tailored to the needs of our community, without the threat of government interference, recognizing that the best collective agreements are those reached voluntarily by the parties themselves. UWOFA and Western have a 20-year history of concluding collective bargaining in the mutual interest of the Western community. 

The employer recently advised UWOFA that they will not have a financial mandate from the Board of Governors until June 4, and are unwilling to expedite this process, thus making it impossible to hear or respond to our proposal. By putting negotiators in front of us who are not empowered to reach a deal, or even hear our ideas, the employer has shown a total lack of respect for UWOFA’s efforts to ensure librarians and archivists do not fall further behind their comparators financially. In the end, the employer indicated that they would only accept a streamlined package proposal under entirely unacceptable conditions. 

Your negotiating team is dedicated to reaching a fair deal for librarians and archivists and has returned to our work of drafting language to bring to the table on our core priority issues. We await any potential legislation and are prepared to respond accordingly.