Dan Belliveau named 2019 Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award winner

Dan Belliveau, a longstanding active member of the Faculty Association and its current president, has been awarded the 2019 Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award.

Belliveau was honoured for his years of work for UWOFA at the annual meeting of members held on Monday, March 25.

The Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award was established in honour of the late Allan Heinicke, a former chair and president of UWOFA. Later in his time with UWOFA he became a financial, technical and policy analyst. This award was developed to honour and recognize outstanding service and achievement in financial, technical and policy development or analysis supporting UWOFA’s aims.

As several of his nominators stress, Belliveau is worthy of recognition for each of the specified criteria for this award. Of particular note is the contribution he has made as a member and as chair of UWOFA’s Pension and Benefits Committee. His technical, policy and financial analysis has been invaluable, covering pension and retirement structures, health and dental benefit issues, and provisions for contract faculty members. He has facilitated a close cooperation with UWOFA’s Salary Committee, and this connection has improved the analysis and development of proposals in areas where salary and benefits issues need to be coordinated, such as in the development of phased retirement provisions.

Not only did Belliveau’s work inform UWOFA’s negotiations: he was himself heavily involved in handling pension and benefits issues at the negotiating table in 2010 and 2014, serving on both of these Negotiating Committees and as Deputy Chief Negotiator for the latter. He has negotiated for increases to the Professional Expense Reimbursement fund, the introduction of the Wellness Spending Account, and the creation of flex credits. These have been of considerable benefit to UWOFA’s members. His analysis was also used to negotiate an increase in pension contributions for members after their 20th year of service, a significant gain.

On a personal level, Belliveau’s nominators praise his exceptional attention to detail, calm demeanor, and ability to remain rational during emotionally charged exchanges. He is a worthy recipient of the Allan Heinicke Memoral Service Award.