Contract faculty members invited to apply for funding

Contract faculty members of UWOFA are invited to apply for UWOFA's Contract Faculty Research and Professional Development Fund.

Purpose: The purpose of this funding is to support the participation of UWOFA contract faculty members in professional development activities, academic conferences and research.

Amount: UWOFA provides $5000 in funding each year, of which $2500 is available for limited-term members (which includes members in a limited-term appointment created under Clause 1.1 of the article Transition Provisions of the 1998-2002 Faculty Collective Agreement and members with a limited-term appointment without a specified end date) and $2500 is available for part-time members (those holding a limited-duties appointment or a standing appointment).

Eligibility: Only UWOFA contract faculty members are eligible to apply for the funding. Each member can submit only one application in any given year. A member who receives funding in a year is not eligible in each of the next two years.

Application: Submit your completed Word application document with your information provided under the appropriate sections.

Conditions: Funded activities or projects must either have been completed in the 12 months prior to the submission deadline or be completed within the 12 months following the submission deadline, although in exceptional circumstances in the latter situation an extension may be granted by the Committee for Contract Faculty. If the research project requires approval from Western Ethics Research Board or Animal Use Subcommittee, a copy of the approval documentation must be submitted with the application or forthwith once it is obtained.

Selection: The adjudication committee shall determine the recipients of the funding within one month of the submission deadline. An application may be funded in full or in part. Up to five limited-term and up to five part-time applicants may be funded in a given year.

Disbursement: The funding will normally be provided as reimbursement, after the funded member submits recipients for expenses to UWOFA. In exceptional circumstances, a funded member may request the funding in advance, in which case receipts must be submitted later. In all cases receipts must be submitted within one month of being selected for funding or completing the project or activity, whichever occurs later.

Acknowledgement and reporting: Funded members shall, in the project or activity, take reasonable steps to acknowledge UWOFA's financial support. Funded members shall, in a timely manner, provide UWOFA with a written report (not more than 500 words) on the completed project or activity.

Deadline: Friday, April 26, 2019 by 4 p.m.

Submission: Email your application document to uwofa [at] uwo [dot] ca, Subject: UWOFA Contract Fund Application.

The application form is available here.

We look forward to receiving members' applications. A list of last year's winners is available here.