Call for nominations - Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award

The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) is pleased to present this call for nominations for the Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award.

The Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award was established in honour of the late Allan Heinicke, former Chair and President of UWOFA and latterly financial, technical and policy analyst. This award was instituted to honour and to recognize outstanding service and achievement in financial, technical, or policy development and/or analysis supporting the aims of UWOFA.

All members and former members of UWOFA (including full- and part-time faculty, librarians and archivists) are eligible to receive this award. Nominations can be made by any Member of UWOFA, using the form available here.

The UWOFA Executive will select the recipient, based on outstanding contributions to UWOFA either through a single project or activity, or the accumulation of efforts over a long period of time. Recipients may choose to receive the award on a cash basis or as a research grant to be expended over a period of up to three years.

Professor Heinicke passed away in December 2007. The endowed Allan Heinicke Memorial Service Award Fund was established by UWOFA and through memorial gifts received from family, friends and colleagues of Professor Allan Heinicke as a lasting tribute to his accomplishments and dedication to the University and UWOFA. The award is handed out every other year.

Deadline for receipt of nominations is Monday, February 8, 2021 and questions should be directed to Jane Laforge at uwofa [at] uwo [dot] ca. The nomination form is available here.