Annual Performance Evaluation update

Four information sessions will be held on the Annual Performance Evaluation (APE) process in light of Covid-19.

The sessions will be jointly delivered by representatives from UWOFA and the administration. They will take place online on Sept. 27, Sept. 28, and Sept. 29.

The purpose of the session is to assist faculty Members in reporting in their Annual Report the impacts of COVID-19 on their performance in a way that does not create an excessive burden or require Members to reveal the details of their personal circumstances. Please see the statement of agreement (guidelines) below for more details about the approach to this cycle of Annual Performance Evaluation.

The information session is developed and presented jointly by UWOFA and the Office of Faculty Relations, and is based on the report of the Joint Working Group on APE which can be accessed here

Guidelines for Members about documenting impact of the pandemic in their APE

UWOFA and the administration recognize:

  • the significant effect on faculty Members' performance of circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • that effects were experienced differently across Units, individual faculty Members and areas of workload
  • that these impacts might exacerbate existing inequities in the academic system (e.g. for women, Indigenous peoples, members of racialized groups, etc.)

UWOFA and the administration wish to standardize documentation of this impact to:

  • reduce the reporting burden for faculty Members
  • assist the work of Deans, Chairs and APE Committees

As a result:

  • There is no expectation for detailed counts/accounts of additional hours or additional activities
  • Faculty Members are encouraged to use the four checklists provided to document impact rather than detailed exposition in the APE report ('Checklists for Research, Teaching, Service and Overall Impact)
    • Note that the use of the checklists does not preclude faculty Members from including any documentation that they wish as per Clause 9.3 in the Annual Performance Evaluation Article
  • There is no obligation to disclose personal information, but completing the elements of the 'Checklist for Overall Impact' can provide important context for Deans, Chairs, Directors and APE Committees